Out of the Void (60min)
copyright 2001

  1. Light Age
2. Up to the Sun
3. Rebel Robot
4. Catharsis
5. Hour Glass
6. Little Prayer
7. Phoenix Rising
8. A Love Sublime

9. Elevator to Heaven
10. Dream On
11. Forever
12. Distant Shores

This Jazzcult excursion into the boundless fusion frontier explores new territory with a trail-blazing work of wonder. Incendiary guitar solos ignite the disc upon a thunderous foundation of bass and drums, exploding with passion and drama.

An epic album in every sense of the word from start to finish, garnering first honors in the 2001 Fusionfest Awards Ceremony. An amazing collection of compositions that marks a milestone in music history signaling a turning point in the direction modern music is going in the age of enlightenment. The music symbolizes the best possible artistic strivings mankind has yet to achieve in this sphere.

Light Age

Up To The Sun

Hour Glass

Phoenix Rising