Scherer Strips (56min.)
copyright 1997

1. Magic Star
2. Twilight
3. Journey to Jupiter
4. Lost In Space
5. Jet Set
6. Sea of Jade
7. Winged Horses
8. Rain Forest
9. Gypsy Soldier
10. Mudslide

11. Blue Angels
12. Chase Scene [mp3]
13. Get Down [mp3]
14. Potato Sack Race
15. Angelica

Commissioned by The Institute of Cinematography for the feature length epic motion picture of the same name, this collection of soundtrack is full of memorable moments of motion picture magic. A groundbreaking exposition of dynamic wizardry hailed as the greatest fusion soundtrack in annals film history. It was the first of its kind and will always be remembered as a cult classic. When Scherer Strips was first released in 1997 it shook the music world with its approach to fusion as a storytelling medium.

Film has always been a catalist for the expression of avant-garde musical concepts, but never before was music such a catalist for film-making — until now. And so it is with this wonderous work that Jazzcult strikes a chord in the hallowed halls of Hollywood.

Richard Scherer's guitar screams with delight on Magic Star, a wild odysey into the primal sound of creation, music errupts from deep within his soul exploding like lava showering warnth over the world. The spirit of Jazzcult comes alive jumping from the silver screen into the hearts and minds of listeners as they enjoy the many interesting tracks. Twilight's nocturnal overture is a dramatic presentation and transition into the dark and mysterious wonder that defines much of Jazzcult's music.

On Journey To Jupiter the tremendous trio takes flight into unknown territory on an exploratory mission to seek out new musical discoveries, only to be Lost In Space on track four. Other tracks of the same name were subsequently released by other artists, but Jazzcult is the publisher of the original version, which resolves breaking into a progressive jazz jam in The Jet Set. Then on Sea Of Jade some of the most beautiful and mellow musicianship can be heard — until the walls come tumbling down with the roaring stampede of Winged Horses.

After a lengthy intermission the second half resumes with the soft and gentle Rain Forest which builds up to a virtual jungle of music, which leads into The Archer, Mudslide, Blue Angels and Chase Scene, four wild and crazy fusion compositions before setteling into the tight-grooving Get Down, followed by a fun-filled fusion farce called Potato Sack Race — which is what it's like when your fingers are hindered by the limitations of your hand. Last but not least on this album is a song dedicated to Angelica Scherer, Rich's lovely and talented daughter who's an accomplished actress, singer, and pianist. Sorry, no guitar (yet).

Magic Star


Jet Set

Sea Of Jade

Gypsy Soldier