Spaced (40 min)

copyright 2022

1. Cosmic Traveller
2. Nocturne
3. Clusterfunk
4. Antihero
5. Brash Sashay
6. Dark Side Of Mars
7. Mata Hari
8. Locoloops

9. Stellar Sprawl
10. Orbit Express
11. Castaway

Recorded in April and May, and the first of three albums scheduled for release in 2022.
This audio oddysee features an astronomical amount of free jazz improv tightly tethered to predominantly straight grooves — a new twist in Jazzcult's experimental regime. Fusion afficionados may recognize a slight Chic Corea/Return To Forever influence as a way to pay homage to the recently departed genius.

Spoiler Alert: Track 11 — Castaway — was composed by Rich's grandson, Elian Rangel, who also played the keyboard bass and piano parts on the track.
Jim Nelson plays drums on track numbers 3, 6, and 9. Apple loops and a drum machine were used on all other tracks. Rich improvised all bass tracks on keyboard, and recorded all synthesiser tracks.

Cosmic Traveller




Dark Side Of Mars

Mata Hari

Orbit Express