Secret Society (48min.)
copyright 1999

1. Prelude
2. Time Traveler
3. Witch Hunt
4. Silent Spring
5. Marble Row
6. Wait For You
7. After Hours
8. Sandcastles

Another miraculously inspired album showing again why Jazzcult is truly a world class act, earning it a place in the Fusion Hall of Fame. Every last drop of emotion and lust is squeezed out of each tune with raw energy taken to an extreme without sacrificing artistic integrity. From beginning to end the CD bursts with the exuberance of Jim Nelson's drums, Gary Brown's amazing bass, and the everlasting laviousness of Richard Scherer's screaming guitar and keyboards.

The fantastic foray into fusion is a an epic achievement as a spectacle of masterful musicianship. Blazing notes were burned into this CD with white hot, lightening fast flurries of sound and fury. Its a tantalizing treat for the senses. The first track signifies what Jazzcult is all about: heavy mindblowing fusion; demolishing old musical forms and reconstructing a new aesthetic with no trace of kitsch-pop and other market driven influences. Track two represents the transition from earlier forms of fusion into the progressively advanced state it is now. Rock and jazz lovers alike will marvel at the innovation of these recordings, bridging the gap between hard edge jamming and intricate arrangements.

This 1999 release garnered Jazzcult an award for best fusion album by The San Francisco Music Press — not that Jazzcult needs a rubberstamp approval by any critic. The Music Press is a prestigious journal with the highest standards of excellence, quoting, "Secret Society will remain one of the most influential fusion albums of all time." That statement turned out to be the understatement of the century. One listen will change the thinking of even the most discerning critic. Track three takes us on a Witch Hunt with highly combustable guitars and synthesizers, rumbeling drums and brazen bass, making a hauntingly beautiful set, uniquely Jazzcult, yet echoing sounds of architypal fusion.

And though on the heavy side, it's ultimately a positive musical experience, exposing the evil side in a good way.
Secret Society is a serious classic, as are all Jazzcult releases, but in 1999 this was the the first to electrocute listeners in such a way as to cause a real craze in the mainstream media, making Jazzcult a force to be reckoned with. In fact, SS is an important cultural symbol as recognised by scholars and musicians alike. It shows the power fusion as a political force; dangerous yet merciful, frightening yet comforting, but always awesome.


Witch Hunt

Marble Row

After Hours