Scherer Energy (55min.)
copyright 1998

1. O Goddess
2. Cold Fusion
3. After The Storm
4. Holiday
5. Electric-Chick-City [mp3]
6. Babylon Burning
7. Hall of Shame
8. Tin Pan Alley
9. Winter Cold
10. Wildflowers
11. Love You Every Day
12. Under The Rainbow
13. Dragonfly
14. Maui
15. Lullaby

With this offering, Jazzcult launches into a bold new world of experimental music production based on an exciting new concept called animated aesthetics. This is a technologically advanced system without the negative implications of techno-pop, or the overkill of flashy pyrotechnical kitsch. Its effect on the human psyche is undeniable. Recorded in 1998 at the fabulous Electric-Chick-City Studio in San Francisco, Scherer shows his inventiveness in creating a new musical paradym, changing our perception of sound — prompting us to march to the beat of a different drummer (Jim Nelson) and indulge our bass (Gary Brown) instincts — leading the trio with his guitar sparkling and glistening in the new rising sun.

The first track is an epic anthem to the Goddess of Glory who inspired Jazzcult to play their unique brand of fusion, energized by the ice-cold excitement and eloquence of Scherer's melodic progressions and far-reaching solos. Bit by bit the music undermines one's emotions and causes a subliminal, yet profound, aesthetic experience. This feeling of awe is called Scherer Energy from which the title is named. Track number three, After The Storm was published prior to cuts of the same name by other artists. Many follow but few lead. The original version by Jazzcult is a dramatic and beautiful shower of shining showmanship.

Thematic excursions such as Holiday and Electric-Chick-City are experimental film soundtracks which were used in Scherer Strips. Rich sets the world on fire with Babylon Burning and strikes a profound chord with his vindictive Hall Of Shame leaving listeners to chill out in Winter Cold, a deeply moving story of sadness and despair designed to provoke pity. But life springs eternal when Wildflowers bloom into a cadence of artistic technology, twisting nature and beauty around until it resolves itself to the sound of an ideal groove garden.

Scherer's unique tone is made possible by The World Center for Sound System Research and Development, as he blasts through song after song, each one a mini-masterpiece, squeezing every last drop of creativity out of his instrument. This record won an EMNY Award in 1998 for Best Fusion Album.