Crusade (51min)
copyright 2005

1. Alien Invasion
2.Fire Dancer
3. High Life
4. The Dragon
5. Filmore Fusion
6. Pow Wow

7. Chopper
8. Fire Babies
9. Summer School
10. Be Cool

Returning to their roots Jazzcult again blows the minds of each and every fan with this thrilling and provocative production. A fitting tribute to usher in the new milleneum. Jazzcult draws on the very best of jazz and rock influences nourished by the fertile fusion culture that has grown since the late sixties.

Today Jazzcult is at the vanguard of the creative music scene spearheading an historic cultural renaissance. Whenever a new Jazzcult release comes out, critics say, "It's the be-all and end-all of heavy fusion albums." This one is no different. Guitar guru Richard Scherer, together with The Duke of Drums Jim Nelson and Bass Baron Gary Brown, prove once again and for all time that they are the premiere performing artists in this genre.

The sounds on this record are nothing short of jaw-dropping, eye-popping, and heart-stopping. There is a certain chemistry, an unmistakable synergy between three of the most accomplished musicians of our time pushing the envelop of creative innovation.

Alien Invasion

Fire Dancer

Pow Wow