VuDu Dude (36 min)

copyright 2022

1. Inception
2. Renaissance
3. Cool Train
4. Stalk and Troll

5. Day and Night
6. Fusion Fugue
7. Soul Search
8. VuDu Dude

9. Shiny Shrine
10. Slang Gang
Good Hood

Jazzcult's 4th CD release in 2022 — produced in September and October. A solo effort by Scherer on guitar, bass and synth. He recorded the bass and drum tracks using his Alesis QS7 and SR16, respectively. The album carries on the creative custom nourished from the roots of improvisation and flourishing with the fruits of fusion music manifestation.

In observance of the Halloween season, VuDu Dude's theme is rather heavy and dark with intermmitent spots of light and joy

Disclaimer: Contrary to conventional wisdom Richard Scherer is not a mere avatar embodying the spirit of a divine deity on a mission to endow blessings of grace upon his disciples — unless you believe otherwise with every fiber of your being, in which case May The Awe Be With You.


Day and Night

VuDu Dude

Soul Search

Good Hood