Lords of Limbo (35min)

copyright 2020

  1. Harbinger
2. Cool Patrol
3. Rattle Snake
4. Mosquito Fleet
5. The Vow

6. Lost Ballad
7. Rock The Block
8. Last Man Jamming
9. Tribal Tune
10. Love Cry

11. En Garde
12. Refugee

13. Lords of Limbo
14. Paradise Found

The 2nd 2020 release recorded in June, returning to a slightly darker sound more reminiscent of the archetypal Jazzcult.
Like the previous release Blockbusker, This effort was also part of the remote collaboration between Jim and Rich, with bassist Victor Wooten on track 7, and bassist Curtis Ohlson on tracks 4, 5, and 11 from a prior session in 2012. Rich used a keyborad bass on the remaining tracks

The creative process unvolved with Lords of Limbo was more or less the same as most Jazzcult recording projects. Starting with Jim's drum tracks (with the exception of Victor's tracks, which Jim added drums to). Then Curtis or Rich added bass (improvised on the fly). Rich added keyboards and guitars (mostly improvised with no more than 3 takes on each track). The end result is a little sloppy, but not bad considering the short amount of time it took.


Lost Ballad

Rock The Block

Lords Of Limbo

Paradise Found