Escapades (47 min)

copyright 2022

1. Action Figure
2. Madventure
3. Operation X
4. Daring Dude
5. Sleeper Cell
6. Musician Impossible
7. Warpath
8. Headlless Horsemen
9. Shit Parade
10. Take It Away

11. Bring It Home
12. Last Rite
13. Emergence
14. Utopian Unicorn

More serendipitous improvisation — recorded in June and July of 2022. With Jim on drums and Rich on guitar, bass, and keyboards.
True to form — or true to free-form in this case
we follow our standard production process. Jim provided some fresh electric drums for about half the tracks, the rest were studio recordings with his acoustic drums — all improv. Rich did most of his tracks in one take, and were done after a bit of editing.

In accordance with the customary creation of Jazzcult CDs; subsequent to recording and with no prior planning, song titles were named based on the imagery they evoked. The overall album theme emerged from this song list, give or take a few anomalies.

Action Figure

Operation X


Take It Away