Blockbusker (37min)

copyright 2020

  1. Spectacle
2. Morning Glory
3. Buskdriver
4. Look Out
5. Drunken Sailor

6. Breezy Street
7. Summer Song
8. Back To You
9. Demolition Derby
10. Clown Car

11. Country Club
12. Pool Party
13. Never Again
14. Jazz Gypsies
15. Last Dance

The first release of 2020 recorded in May, named after the weekly TV series produced by Jazzcult on public access cable channel 29 in San Francisco.
The show is all about the revival of the once legendary local music scene. It documents the mobilization of a new music movement spearheaded by a bevy of Bay Area buskers with Richard Scherer at the helm.

Following the decades-long demise of the live music market, the pandemic was the final nail in its coffin. But the creative destruction of that stale state of the art also provided the conditions for a fresh new culture to grow and prosper. So Jazzcult is here ike the pheonix rising from the ashes with this new CD.

True to form the project started when Jim — on forced furlough from his busy gig schedule due to club closures — recorded some new drum tracks, featuring bassist Victor Wooten on tracks 7, 12, and 13. He sent the tracks to Rich who immediately added keyboard and guitar tracks. Rich also resurrected some recordings with Jim and bassist Curtis Ohlson on tracks 4,5,and 8 from a 2012 session.


Morning Glory

Country Club

Back To You

Clown Car

Last Dance