The First Order
copyright 1999

1. The Plan
2. See The Light
3. Corozon
4. Flower of the Valley
5. Sacred Covenant
6. I Love You

7. Good Little Girl
8. Galzebub
9. On-Line
10. Chacala
11. Sky High

Jazzcult leads the cultural renaissance rising from the ashes like the Pheonix into a new dawn. The First Order is the master plan of creation which is now reaching fruition through the Church of Fusion and Richianity. This is the culmination of all spiritual evolution since the beginning of time. Like the Jimi Hendrix' Skychurch, Church of St. John Coltrane and Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jazzcult carries the torch into the 21st century, lighting the way for a brave new generation of monster musicians to explore the limitless possibilities that fusion offers.

The Scherer-Brown-Nelson trinity pours their collective soul into the music with wreckless abandon and the result is another hit album featuring phenomenal musicianship and vocal songs that ignite the heart and boil the blood. This sensational CD features some of the most powerful pieces of music that have ever been recorded.

Guitar oracle Scherer pastorizes the flock with an array of heavy hyms in homage to her, his beloved chick. In the first order of business he lays out The Plan followed by See The Light, a pulse-pounding fever pitched anthem.

Flower Of The Valley

Sacred Covenant