American Musicians' Exchange


From the Office of the President — Richard Scherer

Thanks for your interest. Read on about this unique musical enterprise.

The Musicians' Exchange is a revolutionary new organization founded on the belief that musicians should not have to pay to play. Now musicians no longer have to be at the mercy of parasitic middlemen who don't know a G clef from a G string.

The reason why The Musicians' Exchange is so popular is because we provide every type of service a musician or promoter needs. All of these services are available 'under one roof' at substantial savings of time and money. And because we offer and deliver such a wide range of services, a more comprehensive plan ensures a well-rounded development and marketing strategy. So, rather than pay for each service separately, risking continuity and causing conflicts of interest, members receive a complete package at a drastically reduced cost.

Open a direct channel to success with The Exchange because we understand the plight of the struggling artist. We make it possible to achieve rapid advancement, a veritable 'star factory', if you will.

Members need only to call the 24 hour Hotline and a loyal friend is there to help. Our staff is dedicated to your success. Many are volunteers who's sole purpose is to support your efforts. Others are seasoned professionals who have a responsibility to foster the growth of new talent.

Anyone can join The Exchange. The many members are only a small fraction of the millions of musicians worldwide. In the Bay Area alone, there are over 10,000 musicians who've probably never even heard of The Musicians' Exchange.

Indeed, we don't advertise because advertising costs money we are saving you. Our low overhead keeps prices down. And each new artist we discover brings a gold mine of pride and prestige that no amount of money can buy. Our goal is to serve all musicians and to have a positive effect on their artistic development.
The Exchange is rapidly gaining a reputation as the place to call for any business related to music. You don't even have to be a member to benefit from some services. We are happy to talk with anyone about their musical concerns. Musicians come from all walks of life and bring with them fresh and creative ideas which are unique to each individual.

Granted, we don't have a slick office high-rise in L.A. like the big entertainment conglomerates, but by the same token they don't do a lot for the starving musician in the street either. You see, there's big money in the music business, that's why the industry leeches (most of whom are not even musicians) get rich sucking income away from the artists.
Those musicians who do 'hit it big' only get a small percentage of the money made from their music, while the corporate fat-cats keep the lion's share. This culture of greed and exploitation will now come to an end thanks to the Musicians' Exchange.

Instead of paying thousands to outside managers and producers, our rates are so low, given the cost-to-benefit ratio, it's as if we were paying you. How do we do it? Volume. Proceeds from the hundreds of members are pooled and redistributed in the form of services, promotional hard copy and web content, and audio & video tape recordings. And with a multi-task staff of experts, precise scheduling and cooperation from members, we are able to do it well.
The Musicians' Exchange started out in the early 1980's as an underground grassroots organization based in San Francisco. Since then it has spread like wildfire to become an intricately intertwined network of music business people.

And we're not just for musicians anymore. We also cater to the needs of producers, agents, publicists, club owners, broadcasters, film-makers, dancers, entertainers and other performing artists. Because we focus on every facet of the music business, we are better equipped to handle the demands of members and non-members who cannot afford, or do not have the resources to deal with the conventional industry establishment.
With the addition of every new member, our capacity to deliver new and improved services grows exponentially. Although our main sphere of influence is centered in Northern California, our ultimate goal is to have franchise operations in every major city.

All services are available within the greater San Francisco bay region. As far North as Sacramento, as far East as Fresno, and as far South as Monterey. If you live out of state, The Musicians' Exchange is a good reason for moving to this area. We have a Membership Relocation Plan to assist in finding housing, employment and other basic needs during any geographical transition.

Throughout our history and into the next millennium, The American Musicians' Exchange has, and will continue to provide the highest quality meaning and direction to the life of every artist. Future plans include the construction of a Multimedia Center with a television and radio station, concert hall and nightclub. All in one.
The ever-expanding matrix of product, services and benefits never seems to end. And in a sane world, that's how it should be. But the world is a crazy place, and the music business especially is full of backstabbing cut-throats. That's why The Exchange is your refuge from the harsh reality called life.

Never before has there been an organization that truly helps struggling musicians, particularly those just starting out. In the past they would be eaten alive by unscrupulous sharks lurking in the murky depths of record companies and nightclubs. But now, The Musicians' Exchange signals an end to the traditional (rip-off) system of 'making it'. You don't lose out because we circumvent the process for you.

Musicians and non-musicians rely on us for contacts, information, training, guidance and hardware. We are a beacon of light and a pillar of strength in a world of darkness and despair. That's why thousands of musicians come to us annually for aid and inspiration. We cut through the red tape, bypass the run-rounds and lead them to their goals.

The Exchange functions like a finely tuned machine, delivering quick and efficient service to each and every member regardless of professional level or personal background. And with your active participation, the conditions required for expedient progress are enhanced. Working together in harmony results in faster and greater achievement.
All departments share the responsibility and accountability of furnishing members with the best treatment available anywhere at any price. Our over-riding concern: The professional and financial success, and personal welfare and happiness of all our members.