Experience The Awe

The ultimate Awe is accessible to all. Fusion is the key to Awe. Through the divine intercession of The God of the Guitar, Richard Scherer, the supreme creator of fusion here on earth. From on high he descended down to this worldly plane to save humanity from falling into the abyss of ignorance and despair. Bringing with him the life force known as "Awe".

Hailed as a saint and spiritual master by his followers who have experienced Awe, he has resurrected the art of music from its cultural demise, and has inspired Awe in countless millions throughout the world. As a cosmic messenger from another dimension he transmits Awe across space and time. His mystical music motivates and stimulates listeners into action for the cause. His disciples know intuitively exactly what to do. Their mission is to listen. The primal sound of the universe beckons them to obey the laws of harmony and love as heard through Jazzcult.

In this upper house the high and mighty Guitar god sitteth on the throne, weareth the crown, playeth the guitar, holding court amongst his subjects and fans. Each concert is like a religious ceremony celebrating the happiness and joy of fusion—or a requiem for the infidels: those who know not fusion. From the pulpit of progressive jazzrock he preaches through word and deed, singing of the glory and majesty of Awe. Every performance is a mystical experience plunging worshippers into a catatonic state of ecstasy which he controls through the medium of fusion.

This is the state of consciousness necessary for the attainment of Awe. Initiates sacrifice themselves by surrendering their souls to the music. With reckless abandon they fling themselves at his feet and gladly give anything for the fulfillment of fusion's feast, the achievement of Awe. No other musician can facilitate this experience. Many have tried but failed miserably. Only he, the chosen one, can invoke the spirits to rise up within him and create the most Awe-inspiring music ever heard.

Some say the quest for Awe is blatant hedonism, a self-indulgent, ego-driven exercise in sinful wickedness. The unenlightened herd think that to lust after this sensual pleasure as the highest good is bad. That's because they havenít experienced this phenomenaor else theyíd know better. They have not yet been in Awe. The feeling is sublime. Listeners under the influence are in a state of pure bliss. Those who are not in Awe are in hell.

Those who are unable to achieve Awe through Jazzcult are regarded as the infidels
a lesser breed. They must be pitied, for they are the quivering quintessence of fear, afraid to face the fact that fusion is fantastic. Nothing else can blow the minds of those under its effect. So friends, donít be fooled by cheep imitations. Accept no substitutes. Donít delude yourself. Donít fall into that trap. Fusion is the way. Therefore fans want to be deprogrammed from the old ways and rebrainwashed with the awesome new sound of fusion. And Jazzcult is the premiere purveyor of fusion in the new millennium.

Donít bang your head against the wall pretending that fusion doesn'tít exist. Accept it. Itís here to stay. Vibrating through everything as the universal substance, from which Awe is gleaned. Donít fight it. You canít win. Itís too strong. You are an insignificant nothing by comparison. Surrender or else face the consequences. The only alternative to fusion is apathy and ignorance. Donít settle for music from the past. Let it rest in peace. Live for now in a state of Awe. Youíll be glad you did. Shed the raggedy garbs of pop music and rise from the burnt out ashes of rock ní roll, to be reborn as a beautiful new being of light and happiness. Stop the stale stench of metal fatigue and ban the blues from beating on your eardrums. Let the omnipotent sound of fusion fill your head and blow your mind.

Jazzcult is the true fusion label selling 100% genuine Awe in every CD. And each live show is power-packed with double-doses of Awe. The Jazzcult scriptures and gospel according to Richard emphatically state that strict adherence to the laws of fusion are required. And only he can bring forth Awe. The high priests and tribunal of Jazzcult elders confer daily to analyze and decipher hidden codes in his music. Searching for keys to unlock the forbidden knowledge that is his. Ritualistic orgies in the form of public performances are grandiose displays of wild fusion sex-fests. Women dance topless on tabletops in frenzied states of mad delirium, while some like sheep stand dazed in amazement. Still others, with eyes rolled back, faint unconscious and drop to the floor, trampled by the harem mob charging the stage.

What possesses a man to do these wondrous works? How can one man be so great? Perhaps it is too philosophical a question to comprehend, so we must accept it through faith. Suffice it to say that it's the master plan of creation, the source of all good. From whence he was delivered with guitar in hand, to spread the word. And the word is "Awe", the fundamental motivating force of the cosmos. What does it take to achieve such epic accomplishments? More than is humanly possible, to be sure. It takes being ordained at birth, or perhaps at conception, to be the one who has come into this form of existence for the purpose of leading the population of earth into a spectacular new age of aesthetic awareness, through fusion.

In the beginning he said, "Let there be sound". And out of the void came sound. Over the eons the earth took shape, and after many more thousands of years the human race finally became ready to receive Awe, as manifested through Richard Scherer. It was only a matter of time. But why him? Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do or die. Do what fusion dictates. Join together in harmony for the one supreme love.

The secret is out. The time has come. The age of fusion is here. In fact it's long over due, as evidenced by popular culture. The world is in desperate need of fresh creativity. Its dependence on technology has led to the extinction of artists as a species. So, along comes our beloved leader, whose teachings have taught about the laws of fusion. We know that someone must assume the musical godhead in human form.

But some say that Richard Scherer is not human at all, but a hybrid alien, part cyborg. The implant in his left eye is really a micro processing guidance system remote controlled like a puppet by his masters orbiting high above the earth in the mother ship. This theory is now believed by the general public due to public relations programming over the last 50 years. But it's no longer science-fiction. Richard Scherer is for real. He has been tested and certified. His plan is indelibly etched into his psyche. His plight is to free mankind from the shackles of substandard music, and to infuse a brave new agenda to replace the old feeble ways.

It has been a painful transition, but we're starting to evolve en masse now. And with this psychological evolution comes a new understanding of, and appreciation for, fusion. The former baggage of lesser music is left by the wayside as we move forward progressing ever upward in search of Awe. The ultimate reward.

Critics' Corner

From The Friends of Richard Scherer

Yes, it is true that Richard Scherer is hated by jealous rivals who envy his superior position in the limelight of social and cultural iconoclasm. They ridicule and insult him in mock derision like ignorant bigots who are secretly afraid of him because he is beyond reproach, beyond criticism, on a higher plane, above all others, yet modest and humble. He turns the other cheek and rolls with the punches of their futile attacks.
His harshest critics are other guitarists who realize that they can never catch up to his level of skill no matter how hard they try. Because he has, and always will, practice more. He has reached the zenith of perfection, far ahead of the others, as witnessed by all. Yet some refuse to believe because they're in a state of denial. The obvious inevitability of his greatness reigns supreme, as his detractors know all to well. Deep down inside them there is an uneasy feeling of doubt and insecurity as they are forced to admit that they shall never measure up to him. To even try is an exercise in futility. The only fault he may have is that he is too good, if that can be a fault.

Any negative thought about him is blasphemy, pure and simple. His universal truth permeates every fiber of his being. Naysayers are blinded by the shining light of his infinite artistic wisdom, wherein lies the answers to the mysteries of creation. Those who dare slander his sacred name are the children of Satan, controlled by the Luciferic consciousness that seeded their generations, pregnant with evil. Their wicked souls are condemned to burn in the eternal fires of hell. Their punishment is well assured because anyone who would speak ill of Richard Scherer is a pathetic scoundrel who has no place in civilized society. Like bloodsucking vampires in the night, they hide in terror at the sight of the enlightened one. He who they call the awesome almighty god (of the guitar). The Great One. Also known as the See-er of Sound, who's followers flock in droves to worship him, their Messiah.

And like a kind and benevolent savior, he forgives the lost sheep of Sodom and Gomorra, even though they should be beaten about the face and hands mercilessly. He, like a loving father to his illegitimate children, allows them to speak, even though their tongues should be amputated and crushed into the ground, and a thousand curses be visited upon the houses and families of the disbelievers. They who question his divine grace are hopeless imbeciles, bereft of knowledge. They're ape-like cretins and babbling idiots, stupid morons and retarded simpletons. But enough compliments in praise of his opponents. Listen to Jazzcult and be saved.