Richard R. Scherer

Universally undisputed super-genius guitar virtuoso. Master of musical transcendentalism, stretcher of the Jazz envelope.The "God of the Guitar" nickname doggedly follows Scherer to this day.

This musical giant's humble origin was the coal mining and steel towns of Pennsylvania. The guitar provided a refuge from the harsh conditions in the wilds of Appalachia. Through hard work and perseverance Scherer attained unrivaled dexterity and developed his ingenious new jazz interpretations.

Jim Nelson

A founding member and the driving force behind Jazzcult since 1983.
His playing skills encompass the combined chops of Dennis Chambers, Virgil Donati, Dave Weckle, Chad Wackerman, Billy Cobham and Steve Gadd, Alvin Jones, Lenny White and Mitch Mitchell.

Jim's best playing can be heard on all 10 Jazzcult CDs. You can also see jim every week on Jazzcult TV.

Gary Brown

The consumate fusion bassist.
A talented and creative artist with a dynamic, sophisticated sound that adds a distinct creative dimension to Jazzcult.

Influenced by Jaco Pastorious, Stu Hamm, Bunny Brunnel, Jack Bruce, Victor Wootan and others, but his own style is a original and unique.
Experience the best of Brown on all Jazzcult CDs and DVDs.
The band's original bassist appears regularly on Jazzcult TV
Linda Lam
Jazzcult TV Host

MMMMMThe lovely and talented Linda Lam, star of stage and screen is the Host and Associate Producer of Jazzcult TV, presenting all of the fun features on the hit show, now in it's 3rd year on air!

Captivated by her mystical charm viewers are seduced by the jazzculinary artistry as she cooks up magic meals in the Cooking segment, then she guides them through exotic far off lands in the Travel segment, explores avant gard Art and Experimental Media trends, News, Interviews, Comedy and other awesome features. She'll even show you some Self Defense tactics, just in case someone tries to steal your Jazzcult CDs

Born Linda Hui-ping Lam in her native homeland, San Francisco; Linda has realized many of her dreams in a mere two years, getting her first taste of film acting in 2006 at the tender age of 17. Within a year she was asked to be a book cover model and was interviewed in Purple Magazine's premier issue. She has worked with many Bay Area artists and appeared in the popular music video Tonight Tonight, which is currently being aired on LogoTV.


Linda is best known as a model and burgeoning actress destined for stardom. Though with a quiet and shy disposition, having worked with over 40 Bay Area photographers, her unique personal image and lively, quirky character comes alive in many of her photoshoots. And with her "Kaleidoscope" eyes, Linda sets herself apart from other models by creating humorous and comical facial expressions.
The perfect figurehead for Jazzcult.

You can visit her page at:

*Photo by Leif Von Mori