Richard Scherer Guitar

Universally undisputed super-genius guitar virtuoso. Master of musical transcendentalism, stretcher of the Jazz envelope.

This musical giant's humble origin was the coal mining and steel towns of Pennsylvania. The guitar provided a refuge from the harsh conditions in the wilds of Appalachia.

Through hard work and sheer willpower he attained unrivaled talent and technique. The "God of the Guitar" nickname still doggedly follows Scherer to this day.

Influences include Jimi Hendrix, Tony MacAlpine, Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin, Al DiMiola, and other awe-inspiring shredders.

Jim Nelson Drums

A founding member and the driving force behind Jazzcult since 1983. His talent and technique encompass the combined chops of Dennis Chambers, Virgil Donati, Dave Weckle, Chad Wackerman, Billy Cobham, Steve Gadd, Alvin Jones, Lenny White, Buddy Rich and Mitch Mitchell.

Jim has a legendary reputation as a drum slinger who would show up for show downs on open jam nights at West Coast clubs —sending the other drummers back home to practice.

Jim's best playing can be heard on all 12 Jazzcult CDs. Check him out on also on Jazzcult TV.

Gary Brown Bass

The consummate fusion bassist.
A talented artistic wizard with a dynamic, sophisticated sound that adds a distinct creative dimension to Jazzcult music.

Influenced by great bassists like Jaco Pastorious, Stu Hamm, Bunny Brunnel, Jack Bruce, Victor Wootan and many others —yet Gary's own style is distinctly original.
Experience the best of Brown on Jazzcult CDs and DVDs.

Jazzcult was formed in San Francisco at Rich's Haight Street Cottage in 1983. Subsequent to auditioning hundreds of bassists and drummers, Gary and Jim were chosen because they were among the most competent musicians around, and their unique styles blended in a way that was truly exceptional.

30 years later the legacy lives on with a steady stream of music and video releases, including the weekly cable series Jazzcult TVon air for 3+ years. Despite astonishing feats of artistic awe, Jazzcult is not a household name. Their work is a creative challenge, not a popularity contest.